So we arrived to Atlanta Sunday evening for the Southern Festival of Song. It turned into a long journey as several things went wrong right off the bat. Delta Airlines hates cellos, and we subsequently hate Delta Airlines. And Colin is not as easy as he once was on airplanes. I am very glad we did not have to fly to Israel or anything. But we eventually arrived and Atlanta is lovely.
So Brian is singing and playing a bit on his cello for the Southeastern Festival of Song. I got to take some test shots in the Hall today. This is Jason Hardy and Kathleen Kelly. No photos of Brian since he was chasing Colin.

The concert should be highly entertaining and is this Saturday night. Let us know if you will be in Atlanta.
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  1. singin'mama said...
    Good Luck Brian! Wish we could be there.
    the hinckleys said...
    that's not Jason Hardy
    stuckihouse said...
    There seem to be more than 1 Jason Hardy. I doubt this one has a Dippy Do photo series.
    april said...
    i hate delta airlines too!! i have more than one story/reason to back it up. don't forget there is always benadryl for colin? although he might be one of those kids who it has the opposite effect on.

    good luck with the concert.

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