Quick update

The update has to be quick, Brian is home sooner than I thought and the computer in our basic source of entertainment.

We left for Poland on Saturday, via Newark via Paris and finally to Warsaw. About 18 hours of travel and the kids really did quite well. Jane was the worst on the way to Newark, but they both settled into their life on an airplane well. We were very, very tired upon arival and everyone took a good nap. We arrived during the Warsaw Marathon, which was right outside the theater where we are staying. It took the cab driver some time talking to the police to let him drop us off closer. (It would have been a nightmare to lug everything a couple of blocks.) We have a cute little apartment in the theater, which is great to be so close when Brian is working. We brought walkie talkies that work for quick messages. The apartment is little, which is only hard because we have heard there are bigger places. However things have been worse and the apartment is clean and newly refurbished with high ceilings and nice window light. Colin summarized it well when he excitedly told me "Mom, we have a real toy kitchen!" It will be more than adequate for our simple meals. We typically eat two meals in and one out on the road. It will be a feat to keep the kids from bouncing off the walls (as they literally do) but there is a park and playground (thankfully) about 2 blocks away. I brought lots of clothes to layer as it gets colder since we will still need to play outside.

We keep forgetting the camera when we go out. We are very near the Old Town, which is beautiful and will be fun to photograph. It is mainly re-constructed because about 85% of Warsaw was bombed in WWII. Brian is commenting this is not so brief and he is threatening that I will have to watch a sappy show with him that I do not want to watch right now. . oh well, will try to do better later.

We do have a skype in number while we are here so friends and family can call us as just a normal call to the US. Email and I will send the number. Brian is really getting restless, better get off.


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