I do not think I posted these from when we met our friend Kara and her boys at the Philadelphia Children's Museum. It is called the Please Touch museum and was amazing. Jane has loved the playing the piano for a long time and was delighted to find one her size.

The building was amazing. I can't remember what it was built for presently.

Brian got this kind of scary carousel shot. We learned that at the end of the day the lady did not care if we had tickets or not. Good times.

To leave things on a not so scary note, I was just thinking about this carousel photo from Paris. Even though Paris had its very hard things, I am getting a little nostalgic and feeling we have been in the country for a long time.

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Colin showing his 3 years.

We love the 3 year old enthusiasm. Colin has always been very enthusiastic.

All of him gets very dirty these days, but the feet at times are spectacular. Soon after this he was right up to the bath.

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Jane is a major climber and surprises us all the time getting up places where we did not think she could. She has loved the dinning room chairs recently. The other day she found a surprise climbing reward in Colin's abandoned mini-cupcake. She did not mind at all.

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I did some photos of my niece for her upcoming 2nd birthday. Since I do not think my brother's family checks the blog, hopefully the photos will be a surprise when I print them. The almost 2 year old is a very dear little girl and my kids have a lot of fun with her. Between my brother's family and Brian and I, we have a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old, a 1 year old, and a newborn all in the SLC valley. My mom calls these (and other young ones, thanks to Pat and April and Jeanie's family) her second crop of grandchildren, since we also have nieces and nephews in their mid-twenties. My mom has 25 grand kids now. Pretty impressive.

Not to forget the beautiful new baby. She is almost 9 pounds at two weeks and doing wonderfully.
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Brian is an entire 34 years today! We have had a nice day visiting with family and now Brian is relaxing at the piano. Brian is such a wonderful husband and father. One of my favorite memories of Brian was when we were in Israel and trying to buy some baby wash for Colin. We wanted to make sure to get something that was tear-free and since we could not read the label, Brian tested a couple in his own eyes right there in the pharmacy. That is devotion to your children. We are so happy and lucky to have you! We look forward to many, many more birthdays!

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We came home from NJ a few weeks ago with the garden leeks taller than Colin. We have a beautiful row of these tall leeks that the bees love. They are supposed to seed themselves so we shall see. The chard had also gone wild and was over 5 and a half feet tall.

Colin with bed head. I seem to get quite a few photos of Colin with bed head. It happens everyday.

Jane peeking out of our new racing stroller. I am a little over-protective with the extra intense sunshade. Jane has still not been sun burnt but Colin got a minor one the other day (the first in his 3 years).

Colin post hair cut and post berry smoothie.

I found out from my orthopedic doctor that I am the proud owner of a herniated disk. The month has been a little shot for me but hopefully, slowly things are getting better. I thought I had a high threshold for pain but this has been much, much worse than having a cavity filled without Novocaine or unmedicated childbirth. At least with childbirth you are rewarded with a baby you have been working on for 40 weeks. I do not think anything adorable is going to emerge from my spine. I hope for continued improvement so I can do things like basic childcare. Hmm. . . .
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We had a fun 4th. Some of my sister's family was down from Seattle (but sadly, not my sister.) We had a family BBQ with all the Utah siblings and had a small fireworks display. Lucky for us, in Utah on the 24th it is Pioneer Day, which is also a firework holiday. I am sure the pioneers would have wanted it that way.

Hinckleys can't get together without some form of circle time.

Colin loves sparklers. We watched the Holladay fireworks from the Birth and Family Place's parking lot and it was a great view. We were glad that our time in Phily gave us the chance to tell Colin the story of our independence from naughty King George.

Sadly for me the Monday after the holiday I threw out my back but I am slowly on the mend. No fun at all.
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Colin's POV

While we were out East, Costco had this kid's camera for under $15 and we could not resist. He loves the camera, and so does Jane. It is obviously not anything fancy. Brian finally downloaded his first 300 or so photos today and it is kind of fun to see his little world. Above is me taking a photo of Colin, below him doing the same of me.

A Colin collage.
It really is fun to see some of the house details that he got photos of in the historic home where we were staying. Sadly, I never got really any photos of the house, the canal, or New Hope PA.

How scary that kids must see adults like this for a long time.
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My brother's family welcomed a new baby girl last week, Amelia Rose. She is a sweet little soul. Here are a few shots from the day she was born.

One of the saddest faces in the world. It must be quite overwhelming to be born.

Proud older sister. We hear she has done great with the baby. Congratulations!
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We have been home most of the week and thought I should catch up the blog. Above are my brother and sister-in-law's cute kids who we met in New York during Brian's break. Colin had a great time playing with them and with some of their cousins at a park in Central Park. It rained on us, but did not matter too much since the kids were playing in water. Luckily everyone had a change of clothes.

Photographed these cute kids in Phily. I love the boy showing how old he is. I want to start a series of photos of kids showing me their age.

We saw our friends Kara and Rob a few times since they live near Phily. Colin wants to live at their house "forever". They are expecting their 3rd boy so it is a little boy wonderland. It was very great to see them!

Just some cuteness from Jane. She had her 1 year check up this week and she is over 25 pounds and nearly 32 inches. She is getting more and more confident walking and has at least 10 words, which are all very darling. She is so anxious to communicate with us and such a bright little baby, but she still bites when she is excited. She broke skin on my arm today.

Our kids have loved being home this week. We got home Monday night and finally on Wednesday afternoon we started unpacking. Poor Colin, when he saw the bags asked us where we were going now. We are home for a good stretch now and we are looking forward to the break.
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