Colin took his parents to the museum and ran around like a wild man. He probably wonders why he is not allowed down to touch and play with everything all the time. He loved the grocery exhibit and the Krisy Kreme play factory. Kripy Kreme is from Winston-Salem, but we never even got around to getting a donut from their birth place. What were we thinking?

We did love eating at the Tavern in Old Salem. And the cafe where the photo of the Art-o-Mat (from the previous post) was cute. The Art-o-mat is a way they use old cigarette machine to dispense art instead of lung cancer. There are over 90 of these all over the world now.

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Some photos from Old Salem, the first Art-O-Mat, etc, etc.

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We had a great time in Winston-Salem. It is a very cute and fun place, and a welcome break from the packing. We had a fun weekend visit from Danal. We went to to opera and to the strangest house in the world. Brian enjoyed working with Piedmont Opera, and sang beautifully. It really was a great show. (I am still a bit brain dead from moving out of our condo yesterday and am not thinking very well. That means I should probably stop.)

Colin grabbed the baby food from the table and then went right to the bath.

The month has been a whirl-wind. Brian was only home until March 1 when he had to hurry to Winston-Salem, NC to begin Cosi Fan Tutti with the Piedmont Opera. The night before he left he had some friends come over for my birthday, who left me with a rainbow of peeps. He was very sweet to invite people over without my knowledge because I would have told him we did not have time to have people over. I like to think the Peeps gave me special energy to pack, but I do not really think so. I was not very good at packing with my little one-year-old helper. He likes to be right in where I am, which can be very helpful. Sadly, Colin got very sick, I think from when I took him to our pediatrician's office for a well-child visit. We had a very sad 10 days as Colin has never been very sick. Lucky for me, my good friend Mandy came from Utah to help pack things up. She was very, very helpful and I do not know what I would have done without her. Also, a great group from our Bloomington Singles Branch came to help move boxes into our storage unit. In the middle of some many things going wrong, a few things have gone right with the help of some great people.