In April, we got a new camera body.  Here are some of the first photos.  I had several weddings to shoot this summer and thought it would be best to have a better (and second) camera. 

Maggie was visiting for Spring Break, and to see baby Johnny.  All my kids love her so much. 

Kate shows her real feeling about our baby gate. 

And Maggie lead the kids in some yoga. 
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I've done the school photos for the kids preschool for a while, such cute kids!  Here are the Spring photos of the class and Jane. 
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Baby Johnny

I became a great Aunt on St. Patrick's Day!  Elizabeth and John welcomed this little cute guy. 

I think it's pretty exhausting to be born. 
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baby Kate

Just Kate being cute in March.  She loves babies!!

And she loves to work on the kitchen cupboards.  
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Also on March 15 for E's birthday, (because I had the camera out) got some cuteness of Kate playing outside. Must have been warm as she's bare foot, but Kate is an extreme hater of shoes!   

We roasted marshmallows to honor the birthday girl.  We also went to In 'n Out and Planet Play for some laser tag. 

The girls got a knitting lesson. 

Kate discovered dress ups. 

And party hats. 

And boys played outside with knives. 

We did finally make a fire.  The kids had fun although it looks like our guests are not enjoying it. 

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When Brian would ask me what I wanted for my birthday of 2013, I always answered an orange phil&teds smart stroller.  I did not need this stroller, but to feed my stroller addiction, I wanted it!  To my happy surprise, phil&teds sent me one to review it for their blog!  I've had a lot of fun with it, used it a ton, and do love it! 

Kate buckles her baby.  She quickly became quite possessive of her new stroller. 

We had the Atkinson kids staying with us for E's birthday. We tried to make it fun for her, got a cool cake from Rancho, and had a little neighbor party. 

Brian's hair got super long!  I think it was even longer than this before we cut it all off. 
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