Children's Museum

Colin took his parents to the museum and ran around like a wild man. He probably wonders why he is not allowed down to touch and play with everything all the time. He loved the grocery exhibit and the Krisy Kreme play factory. Kripy Kreme is from Winston-Salem, but we never even got around to getting a donut from their birth place. What were we thinking?

We did love eating at the Tavern in Old Salem. And the cafe where the photo of the Art-o-Mat (from the previous post) was cute. The Art-o-mat is a way they use old cigarette machine to dispense art instead of lung cancer. There are over 90 of these all over the world now.

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  1. april said...
    I like how you managered to spell "Krispy" wrong twice, but in two unique ways.
    april said...
    even though that last comment said it was from april, it was really from PAT. i just assumed that he would never leave a comment, but i guess he just can't resist teasing his little sister.
    Ann said...
    I just saw my Kripy and Krisy and was going to change it, but now should I just leave it? I have always been the creative speller. But they at the donut place spelled it wrong first.
    april said...
    just leave it, it certainly is creative and you do meniton in the same blog how exhausted you are from clearing out of your condo. so there is a built-in excuse.

    april (for real)
    Anonymous said...
    Fun! I want to go to this children's museum! It looks like you all had a blast! I love it. Collin is still such a cutie! I miss him.

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