I forgot to post these from a few weeks ago. With Sue Anne and Danille we went to this candy store/museum across the river from Louisville. It has been around since 1891 (I think) and was quite cool.

Still a working candy kitchen. We got to sample their freshly made red hot candies. They have lots of older candy memorabilia to look at too. One of my favorite things (that I did not get a photo of) were the candy samples that the traveling candy salesmen would use back in the day.

Candy molds everywhere!
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  1. Scott & Elly said...
    Hey guys! I'm so glad we found your blog! Now we can keep track of all your adventures! That looks like a pretty cool old candy store:)
    Miranda said...
    Wow, yall have been busy! Congrats on the new little squirmy-bean! No news here...we'd like another but have had no luck yet. Jack keeps us busy enough, though!
    Merry Christmas, hugs to all!
    stuckihouse said...
    Hi Miranda, if you read this, I was recently thinking about you all in Dallas. Let me know your blog to better keep up. My email is annstucki@yahoo.com.

    And very beautiful little boy Scott and Elly! Also fun to see what you all are up to!

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