On the road again

Brian, Jane and I got home from Boston Monday morning after 2 extra annoying hours on the plane due to some maintenance issues. We had to get ready to leave the next day for nearly three months this time! I kind of cannot believe we are gone for that long but we cannot complain to be working. We are in Seattle for Seattle Opera's "The Pearl Fishers" and the end of January we head to Raleigh, NC for "La Cenerentola". Here are some quick photos from the road trip from Utah to Seattle.Jane in Eden, ID (we think) at the Garden of Eden gas station/rest stop. After 6 months of not taking a binky, I gave her one to play with and it occasionally makes it in her mouth. She is asleep next to me right now with that very binky.

We were able to spend the night in Boise with Brian's cute grandparents. Colin was having a super tantrum because he wanted to take a helicopter that, as we told him, lives and grandpa and grandma's house. So charming.

Not from our trip but a recent photo of Jane and I.

We are fortunate to have a lot of family and friends in the Seattle area. We are currently staying at my sister's. This is her youngest child Maggie with Jane. Colin and Maggie are getting a long quite well and we are very happy to be here. We will also be spending a great deal of time with Brian's family when we have more time off . I wish we could be home for Christmas but better close to family than all alone.

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  1. pieofthemonth said...
    is that jane sitting up by herself? oh my how she's grown!

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