With great sadness

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A few days after Christmas, Brian's Mom Marilyn passed away from complication with ALS. We have been very sad for her loss, but are relieved she does not need to suffer anymore. Brian and I were able to travel to the Seattle area for her funeral last week and I am very grateful we both were there. It was a beautiful memorial. It think Marilyn has very good reason to be proud of her family. Brian's parents have done a lot of things right to raise such good kids.

Below are some words from Brian:

As the youngest for 5 years (before Brandon came along and ruined everything), I was my Mom's little pal. She was the most influential person in my young life, and even as a young man, she was the first person I wanted to share good news with, and the first person I would ask for advice from when I was confused. She was such a wonderful sounding board. I treasure the friendship that grew out of the regular conversations we had as I became an adult. It was hard when ALS took her voice, and we couldn't discuss life, the gospel, music, ideas, current events or anything else under the sun. I started trying to communicate by email more, and Mom sent me some beautiful messages that are so full of wisdom and insight. Here is an excerpt from one: "My life for almost the last decade has taught me more than the first 50 years combined. I certainly did not anticipate the serious trials... but looking back now I feel gratitude for the experience of living in a dark unknown and finding out for myself that the Lord really knows me by name and grants me sweet peace in the midst of frightening turmoil. Now dealing with loss of physical strength is almost automatic for laying my burdens on the Lord, because I have been lovingly schooled by the Spirit in the past. I feel so grateful for our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren. I feel that the Lord truly knew me and Dad to send us such amazing spirits to teach us the power of love. I am so thankful for eternal marriage and family relationships. I find myself very content with my lot with Dad giving me such loving care and the local family helping Dad as much as they can." Who else but Mom could confront the stark realities that lay ahead with such faith and grace? Her entire existence became a living extension of her testimony. I love you, Mom. And I know that there will be many times when I will want to reach for the phone to tell you about something exciting or ask for your opinion. But I know that you won't be far away, and I know that all that you shared with me will be a compass for any situation I could ever be confronted with. I wanted to send you the "Et Resurrexit" from Bach's Mass in b minor in those last days, because it is the music I think of when I consider where you now are- a place of utter light, complete triumph, joy and limitless possibility. (I can't wait to talk to you about the music you're listening to now). 'Til we meet again!


  1. CollinsFamily said...
    Your mom was a wonderful woman. She was my favorite seminary teacher. She taught us from her love of the scriptures and it showed and made a difference in my life and I am sure many others.
    Anne said...
    So sad. Brian's thoughts make me wish I could have met her. You will have to introduce us sometime, once we all leave this noisy, messy place behind.
    Scott & Marcie said...
    Brian we love your parents, they have always been great examples of unselfishness and happiness that we have known. If your dad had been the one down, your mom would have done exactly the same for him. We'll miss Marilyn so much, but are so grateful that she is now whole and well. Loved the funeral, it was a great celebration of her life.
    Jet said...
    What beautiful words of tribute to an amazing mom. If I can only be half as good a mother as Sister Stucki, I'll consider myself blessed. I wish I could've known her better.
    Dawn said...
    Thanks for sharing Mom's comments from that email, Brian. And thanks for having the courage to speak at Mom's funeral. I don't think any of us could have spoken of her so articulately and so beautifully.

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