I am missing the blog, not that I really miss the blog, but I miss the info I use for our family year books (that I've only done through 2010! Funny how baby #3 has stropped a lot of the things I could do with just two kids. )  I wonder if I can catch up on 10  months of this year? I do more on istragram now of the kids, but I realized I still need to take real photos.  Anyway, it's been am amazingly beautiful Fall!  Jane had fun this week running Colin's kite.   

And sweet little Kate!  She is so hilarious, talking up a storm and potty "learning" recently.  She loves to sing "Baby Mine" from Dumbo, and it is about the cutest thing ever.  Her hair has been a lot crazy, I cut off the back of her baby mullet this week.  I'll have to get updated photos soon, she looks much more organized! 
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