Happy Easter

HAPPY EASTER from the Stuckis.

In Winston-Salem there was a huge cemetery affiliated with the old Moravian Community there. We went for a long walk through it one beautiful warm evening and Ann went just a little crazy taking pictures of the epitaphs. Here is a selection of them appropriate to the Easter Season. The "meet me in heaven" is kind of a joke, since we thought it sounded somewhat threatening (if you say it in a gravelly voice, slightly drawled). The stained glass came from someones very elaborate memorial. I guess they felt they needed a little Parthenon-like structure to spend the afterlife in. It was pretty impressive to see some of the dates on the stones, especially since America is such a baby country. The oldest one was dated 1775. --Brian

I loved seeing the words of hope and faith on the epitaphs, especially with our family's recent loss of Kirsten. Faith in Christ and the hope of resurrection are the only ways to find comfort with such a tragedy. --Ann

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