Last Saturday we decided to haul in the ripe tomatoes for some canning fun. We spent the better part of the day canning whole tomatoes and sauce. The sink above is full of celebrity tomatoes.

A basket full of fat Brandywine and Yellow Pineapple toms. Normally, we just use these for slicing (they make a beautiful Caprese salad and incredible BLTs), but we had enough to do a few quarts canned.

Here they are lined up in the storage room- 22 quarts so far this year.

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  1. april said...
    those pics are beautiful. the canned tomatoes look great. it almost looks orange blog photo worthy again; although, i think the color might be slightly off for that.
    malia said...
    Look at all of that tomato goodness. i kind of hate you guys...not really. i am just so envious. :)

    again, just to clarify, i don't really hate you. :)

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