End of summer photos

I took these for a neighborhood friend in late August and loved how they turned out. We met these kids at our Music Makers class about 18 months ago and I had wanted to photograph them ever since! Their mom is a very talented jewelry maker and we traded photos for jewelry. We had a very pleasant end of summer evening.

Our beautiful baby Jane. She was having a good hair day. Still at a slight loss as to what to do with her hair. I bought the tiny rubber bands and she will leave one alone for a little bit but not forever. Whenever I brush he hair even if I do not put anything in she has to check to see if there is something to pull out. Apparently the cute barrettes I bought her are tasty. I do not want to cut bangs because she still has a lot of hair filling in in the front, and I do not want to cut the back off because sometimes it curls all cute like this. Oh well. I hope to work it into a smart little bob someday.
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  1. Anne said...
    I love Jane's hair just the way it is! She'll have enough hair for a bob before you know it.
    Julie said...
    Jane sure is cute. She looks very pretty in red. :)
    Betty said...
    Very cute pic of Jane. She is quite a little lady now! We didn't cut Elizabeth's bangs either... so glad we didn't! A little before 2yo she realized that the bobby pins and hair clips helped keep hair out of her face, and she tolerates them now. Jane will get there too. Love the curls!

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