We spent Labor Day weekend near Seattle with Brian's family. Brian's parents and siblings try to get together once a year. This allows the 3 siblings who do not live close to have some family time. Sadly, we did not take any photos until the clean up time on our last morning. We are usually too busy keeping track of Jane these days to take meaningful photos. The above is a collage of 3/4 photos Brian took over the entire weekend! Kind of sad, but nice to see everyone.

We will now highlight the newest Stucki, Miss Grace Elizabeth! She is only the 5th granddaughter, versus 13 grandsons. It was fun to see her so young. Becca was such a trooper to be out and about 3 weeks post partem as I know I would not be up to what she did. She is a strong Stucki!

I love the Gerber mouth.

Entire Brandon/Becca family with new baby girl! Colin had a great time playing with the boy cousins.

We got home Saturday night after a long journey home. Jane got a lollipop stuck in her hair not once but three times! I had a run-in with a McDonalds Playland that has left several painful bruises on my legs. I went in to pull Jane out since those playstructures are really not intended for 1 year olds. However, they are also not intended for 34 year olds either. The strangers who were in there were kind and did not laugh even though it probably was funny to see me come tumbling out.

We are in extreme preparation mode. After purchasing and canceling tickets to Poland 3 times (and having a fun run in with Lot Airlines where they hung up on me 4x) we got tickets and travel on the 26th! Brian still has a great deal of work to do on the basement remodel, I have tons and tons of details to take care of, and Brian picked over 60 pounds of pears today, plus apples, and there are tons of tomatoes that still need to be procesed. The peaches are beautiful this year, but the eating grapes got a fungus from the wet June (sad). Wish us luck to get most everything done!!
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  1. Anne said...
    wow! good luck getting ready! i really am jealous of your garden! can you recommend any good books or website for a novice? especially tips on how to keep the bugs away? have a wonderful time in Poland! i wish we were coming too!
    Erin said...
    You two are so amazing. Good luck with all the prep for Poland. I too love that baby mouth! Very sweet picture.

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