20 weeks

The kids love to cuddle the new baby. We are half way there, but meeting the baby still seems far away. Granted, the photo exaggerates, but I cannot believe how much bigger my belly is this time around. We have our ultrasound appointment next week and we hope to find out if it is a boy or girl. We thought about keeping it a surprise since we have one of each but we would like to know. Maybe the baby will not cooperate and keep it a surprise.
Jane was having a wild afternoon. She would have fallen asleep in the car but it was warm and we had the windows down. How can you fall asleep with the excitement of the windows down?
I took Colin's preschool photos again today. I was glad to see all the other preschoolers who are funny in photos (not a phenomenon unique to Colin).

Funny Colin.
Here are a few more out-takes, but some cuter ones. I still have some work on the photos and am excited to get it all done.


  1. Brian said...
    Nice to see my handiwork. We definitely need to address Colin's haircut. This one did not grow out so well. It was cute for a few days and when it had product in it.
    Miss you!
    The Wards said...
    Brian said "product". That makes me smile. Anne the 3rd one is different yet again. I am 34 weeks and feel if I get any bigger I will explode. For some reason this baby thinks it is totally possible to stretch its arms and legs at the same time and still have plenty of room to jump up and down kicking and punching me in the ribs and pelvic area. Really not so possible! But it is so fun to share the excitement with the 2 little ones. Katya asks me EVERY DAY if today the baby is going to come out. 6 weeks seems like FOREVER!

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