More Spring Break

When you are a child of Brian Stucki, sometimes there is flambe at breakfast.  Pretty great, the other day while making green beans, Jane requested the fire thing. 

Fire, and more fire!

We decorated cup cakes.  I tried to keep the decorations in one place. 

Kate takes it all in. 

Colin found some bolts that kept him entertained for a while. 

Tomato seedlings, it is that time. 

And Friday of Spring Break, SNOW!  Jane always lasts longer than Colin does outside.  It is cute to hear her singing and talking as she plays.  Poor thing, she may always have big brother snow hand me downs.  I did get her some very cute snow boot this year to make up for the blue and green old boy snow clothes.  Of course in the year when I have good boots for both kids we don't get a ton of snow. 
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  1. the hinckleys said...
    You think big brother snow handmedowns are bad, Evan has been riding around on the teddy bear bike with a pink helmet, and today he was also wearing Hannah Montana rain boots. We need to get him a non-pink helmet soon.

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