Spring break

A recent s'more night after dinner while on Spring Break. Our kids would have us make a fire every night.

The kids were told to stop sticking things in the fire.

Colin's bewildered face to the "don't stick things in the fire" statement from his dad.

Brian brings out the guitar, it's a good time. I think it is our new van's first photo on the blog too, welcome navy blue Stucki van (on the left in the photo)! We are adjusting to life as a minivan family. Our darling little Prius needs a $5,000 repair. As it is not worth half that much, it is on the way out. We added a towing service to our insurance for it that we had to use this week when it died on the freeway. Oh little Prius! We hoped for a couple more years!!

We have had a gorgeous Spring! Everything was in bloom at once.
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