Early Snow, 10/25

The end of October and most of November are a bit of a blur.  Brian had a great gig with Arizona Opera (Romeo!) and he left on 10/23.  I had nice help from my mom, but I was very worn out without him!  We were able to travel to meet him and only returned right before Thanksgiving.  So very behind on the blog and my blurb family year books!  Kate is very, very busy and a climber.  And now for this post, we had a fun earlier snow, and it stayed around to play in after school.  The kids were beyond excited.  I remember being super excited with the first snow as a child. 

Kate's little hand print in the snow. 

No choice but to sled. 

And then Kate got mad that the snow was cold.  I have mittens for her that she takes off immediately. 
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