It seemed to be a normal day back in September. . . it was nice and while playing outside I got some photos.  Above, Kate vs. green scooter. 

Jane-pre scar (story to follow)

So, we were getting ready to go and buy Jane a new bike helmet. I was changing the baby/getting ready, and Jane was bouncing on our exercise ball that I had only re-inflated earlier that day.  Somehow, she bounced off it and hit her chin hard on our cement floor.  It was bleeding, and she was crying, and when I looked at it, I knew it needed more than a band aid.  The wound was about the size of a quarter and I could see facial fat.  I had no butterfly bandages in the house, and with a facial wound, thought I better get to the doctor.  I called and they got me right in and our kind neighbor picked Colin up from school.  Jane was pretty upset, mainly as she thought it might involve a shot.  I explained to her about stitches, which she thought was funny until thinking about getting them herself.  When our doctor saw how upset she was, he glued instead.  I again freaked out when the glue came off in four days and again just seemed like an new open wound.  And now I freak out noticing all the ways our kids could again split their chins open. 

Jane post doctor, showing her glue job.  She is covered in orange creamie (for being a good girl) and doctor stickers.  Our doctor said about 50% of the population has a similar scar on their chin.  It's really not too bad, hardly notice it now.  I was traumatized, not fun at all! 

And a couple more photos playing in the rocks at the end of the day.  It was quite the day.  
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