Free Baby

More of Colin running wild. I love the bottom photo because Colin was off to the the stairs and Brian needed to stop him.

Awesome lady with lots of things on her head near Damascus Gate.
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  1. jungleprincess said...
    Squeak enjoyed waving at the photos of Colin on the computer screen. She loves other kids--today at the doctor's office she kept waving and talking to everyone (sadly, they kind of ignored her). Maybe when you guys get that webcam, she and Colin can "converse."
    andi said...
    Could that kid get any blonder? I think not. When do you head to Mexico?
    Ann said...
    Hi Andi
    We are at the airport in Israel right now, waiting for a flight to London. Then 6 days in England, 3 days in Chicago, then we are all Mexico. Brian does a great hymn medley with Whose on the Lord's Side Who and the Mexican Hat Dance we hope he can play in church sometime.
    Ann said...
    And TL, we will have all sorts of fun with webcams in the future! I bet the babies will love it!

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