We spent our first week in Mexico in one of their more upscale hotels, the Gran Melia on Reforma. Again, there are a few political things we do not understand because all around the hotel there are people having political camp outs. You can see the improvised protest shanty town at the bottom of the picture. The hotel was always surrounded by police. We did not feel unsafe, we just do not understand. It was a beautiful hotel, but on the weekend we were able to move into an apartment, which is nice for our little family. Now we have a kitchen and a washer/dryer. (We have not had this since March.) And we have free internet now. The hotel charges $15 a day for their wireless internet. That made me very mad.

The view looking up from the lobby of the hotel.

As our hotel room was on the 20th floor, we had some good views of the city. Sometimes you could see the surrounding mountains and sometimes not.

Colin loved the pool. He liked to scream a lot in the pool for the echo. We need to not say the word scream around him because he knows what it means and gladly demonstrates. Brian is jealous that he can get such perfect resonance first thing in the morning without warming up.
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