Early Frost

We had a frost on September 30. These frozen little drops on my mom's drying rack caught my eye and I wanted to get them before the sun took them away.

The frost makes the grapes sweeter.

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  1. andi said...
    I love these shots. How early did you have to get up to take them? Are you always up and out so early? Would waking up early make me a better photographer.
    malia said...
    what lens are you using on these shots???
    Ann said...
    Hi Andi and Malia

    It was not that early, maybe between 8-9 am. We have a little toddler alarm that gets us up by 6:30. It was such a cool moment with all the frozen dew that I had to get it before things melted. I did only go out in sandals and pjs, which got a little cold. Oh well, no permanent damage. Colin was traumatized I did not take him outside with me.

    And I have a new lens that I was trying to check out the macro feature. At first I did not think I liked the new lens' macro, but I think I was just doing it wrong.

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