More Baby Jane

We finally took some more photos of Jane. She is a sweet baby and doing well. She has a few more alert times during the day as she is an entire 2 weeks old now.

I still cannot believe all this hair!
She has long fingers and long skinny feet.

We love the sleepy smiles.


  1. april said...
    the hair is amazing! she is so beautiful, annie. can't wait to meet her.
    Scott and Elly said...
    She is so precious! Congrats on your new addition! What a beautiful baby!
    CottamCottage said...
    She is so beautiful! Congratulations to you all. Daughters are wonderful additions to the family.
    pieofthemonth said...
    almost a mullet! awwwww.
    malia said...
    how cute is that?! love her already!

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