Birthday Biscotti

Happy Birthday Baby Jane!! We drove around rural New Jersey looking for a cute bakery but did not have much luck today. We stopped at a place but their baked goods were almost gone. Brian and I shared the last lemon bar and Jane worked on a chocolate biscotti.

She was a little hesitant because she has been a little under the weather today, but warmed up to the chocolate.

Colin had fallen asleep in the car and slept through the entire outing. Brian and I both need haircuts.

Happy one year! We are so happy to have Jane in our family. She is a joy and a good little soul, even if she hates to sleep. We hope for many, many birthdays together.
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  1. april said...
    that close-up with chocolate on her face is darling!!!! i love the smile; and that dress (shirt?) is adorable.

    p.s. thanks for all the collages. that jane sure is a sweetie and that little turned up smile with a gleem on her eyes sure melts your heart.

    p.p.s. good luck with that whole sleep deprivation thing. NONE of my kids were still doing that to me a year later. (you're right - the travel must be hard). hang in there. i would be the wicked witch of the east many times over by now!!! (giving up sleep has always been a big challenge for me.)
    malia said...
    you guys look great! i just love you all!!

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