No more fever

Since Jane had a fever on her birthday (that she then shared with Colin) we tried to somewhat re-do the birthday celebrations at a cute little place Brian and the other opera singers found. She is feeling much better than she was last week. The fever only lasted 2 days and then almost all was well. (There are a few details I won't elaborate on since they mostly involve trauma for me. Things have been a little rough.)

I love Colin here talking to the desserts. The display case sort of babysat him for portions of the meal while he just stood studying the desserts. Brian wiped off his hand prints with a baby wipe, which kind of left things streaky. We may not be welcome back here any time soon.

Loving all things M&M related (thanks to Papa Mike) he got a large M&M chocolate cookie. He is looking so lovingly at the cookie in the top photo. We need to get some of the refined sugar out of that boy's system. At a recent trip to the science museum, he learned about the blood mobile from a TMBG's song (it is cute and available on We have talked about how our bodies need good food to go around in the blood mobile. To his credit, Colin did jog nearly 2 miles with us today. There is a great trail here that is the canal's old tow path and Colin now likes to ride part of the way in the stroller and then got out and jog. We intended him to ride longer today but at our half way point he jumped out and started jogging. It maybe left him too tired because he had a spectacular tantrum at Target tonight.

The bakery did not have anything cake-like, so Jane is still missing out on destroying something for her 1st birthday. We will still make it up to her. I got a strawberry lemon tart that was a little tart for her liking, poor baby.
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  1. Julie said...
    That's a nice way to look at it, a "spectacular" tantrum! Love the look on Jane's face in that last photo.

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