More birthday girl

April was wondering where all the collages were today. I should gather more photos (and am still working on my blurb book of Jane's first year) but here is a Jane in the first four quarters of her life collage. She was very cute with the box of crayons today. She chewed a hole through the bottom of the box, chewed on some crayons, and had lots of fun handing me crayons over and over again. Handing me things is a favorite game these days. She also loves to throw and somewhat catch a ball.

She is a sweet, funny girl. She shows a lot of personality and a great sense of humor.

She is beginning to like the idea of becoming bipedal. She took her first step the other day for Brian while I was taking out the trash. Her first step was in the 1830 part of the home we are staying in so I think she shows a great interest in history.

This was back in Feb. (on DanaLee's floor) but I love that baby profile.

Her birthday also marks an entire year where I have not slept for more than 3-4 hours in a row. Great. Amazingly even 40 weeks pregnant I would sleep through the night without the need to get up like most prego women. For the nearly perfect baby that Jane is, she is a horrible sleeper. Sleep training does not work when you are nearly constantly traveling and when you have a big brother like Colin who knows right when to wake her up. Oh well, we will still happily keep them both and just continue a life of total sleep deprivation.
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  1. rusted sun said...
    She is darling Ann! For her birthday I wish her nights of long sleep.

    Travel is killer on babies schedules. On our trip to Utah last week out babies, who are great sleepers, woke up several times at night, just to make sure we were still there. Bless your heart and your tired head. I hope you are able to get some rest soon.
    peteanfamily said...
    Happy birthday Jane !!! She´s adorable ! I loved the pics where she´s laughing :) !
    My niece Sara didin´t like to sleep either when she was a baby, and now that she´s 9...she still tries to made up "problems" before she has to go order to prolong the awaketime ! Not to mention George, who goes to sleep in the morning only... So we´re kind of a troubled family when it comes to sleep , too ! :))
    peteanfamily said...
    and one more thing : since Picasa 3, I love doing callages too !!!!!
    malia said...
    She is gorgeous. Very happy that she is a good baby. Sorry about the not sleeping for very long part. That's no fun!
    april said...
    thanks for posting the pics!! (sorry i'm slow to comment, but i did see them earlier.) anyhoo, glad you enjoyed philly and hope we can connect sometime. it sure would be fun to see your kids; they seem to have grown up so much since i last saw them.

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