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We are settling into life in Denver. Brian's rehearsals are going well and the kids and I have a variety of activities to keep us busy. As for the photo, we have taken to plastic wrapping Jane's chair in an effort to keep our temporary apartment beautiful.

Our hosts through Colorado Opera lent us a muffin pan so we can make cup cakes for Colin's birthday. The pan quickly became a parking lot.

The Children's Museum has a little work shop where kids can make things. Thanks to the cleverness of Colin's Daddy, these are a couple of the toys they have made. Colin loves it and really helps with the planning and building. He seems to have quite a mechanical mind. Brian is very clever and such a cute dad.

We can easily get to the Downtown branch of the library and have gotten their story time schedule. They have fun puzzles and other activities for us on colder days. We can even get a temporary library card! We also found a great playground we can walk to. It was a little cold the day I took the photos. We have had amazing weather so far but may get some snow this week. It was too good to last.
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  1. Julie said...
    That's funny about Jane's chair, funny but not a bad idea!

    I love the photo of Colin's "parking lot" pan for his cars, it is very retro looking & colorful.

    Glad you guys are having fun. What Opera is Brian doing this time?

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