A few weeks behind, but a few more photos from Christmas. Colin and Jane both got very cute Christmas sweaters from their Aunt Mary. Jane wore her Dora Backpack all day, and Colin enjoyed a bowl of broccoli Christmas afternoon. Both the kids are still broccoli crazy and we can't complain.

Brian's Christmas Day Nap

We went to my brother's in the afternoon and made some Christmas Gnocchi. I got Brian this "Lumber" shirt in Poland as a special surprise. I was considering getting him an Engrish t-shirt, but then at Carrefour with Sue Anne in Praga, she found this little gem. It's almost as good as Skipper, but Skipper photographs better.

Oh Christmas Gnocchi! I used to make good gnocchi but our gnocchi has reached all new levels. I make the dough, Brian makes them fancy with the fork mark and does the sauce. He loves doing a browned butter with sage. I want some now.

We have been settling into Denver and will post photos soon. We are in a great apartment and love downtown Denver. Brian has been a little under-the-weather but should have his voice back soon. And it has been in the high 50's, how great is that?
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