Donkey Ramen?

Some of our handful of readers may be missing Poland. (My brother complains when we are home because the blog gets too boring. Don't worry! We leave again next week.) We forgot to post a few things from Poland, like the Donkey Ramen. I hope it was not really donkey flavored, but what is that donkey doing on the package? We contemplated that is was a bunny, but those are donkey teeth. Colin grabbed this in the store one day. The broth was tasty, kind of with a hint of nutmeg. Do donkeys taste like nutmeg?
UPDATE: Leave it to Ms. SAZ to solve the donkey ramen mystery. She her explanation in the comments. Seems to be a Polish pun that we may not be intended to understand.
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  1. pieofthemonth said...
    i figured out that osioł means donkey... but what is rosioł ? some kind of pun?
    Ann said...
    I am sure there is something we do not understand.
    pieofthemonth said...
    ah HA! I met a polish woman yesterday at a departmental seminar and asked her. She had never heard of the noodles but laughed when wrote down the name and said there was a drawing of a donkey on it. She said it's stupid, but osiol means donkey (as we know) and rosiol doesn't mean anything but SOUNDS similar to another word (which she said but I have no idea how to spell) that is a traditional chicken and noodle soup. So it just is a goofy name that sounds like "chicken noodle soup" when you say it, but is spelled like donkey + R for some reason I guess so they can draw a donkey on the front.
    Jet said...
    If we are ever in NYC together, let's go to Momofuku. I haven't been there yet, but it's on my list of places to eat. Fusion ramen, but it sounds goooood. Missing you guys!

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