End of the tulips

We have finally had some nice weather (but a little more snow today). On Sunday night we headed down to Temple Square since we had not seen the tulips and we knew they would be gone soon. They were already taking out some of the tulip beds but we still saw many lovely flowers.

I wanted some photos with the kids and this is the behavior we have to deal with.

We spend most of our time at Temple Square going from fountain to fountain, the kids love water!
I am getting very pregnant. I'm 2/3 of the way, fully third term! Second trimester went by pretty fast, and probably faster than the 3rd will go. Sadly, some of my discomforts of pregnancy have hit earlier this time around. I also am totally waddling, oh well. Baby #3 is a very wiggly little girl.

Many lovely flowers. Our kids love tulips. We have lost a lot in our yard to a couple of deer who have been visiting. It is quite annoying to see our personal lovely tulips mowed down by stay deer. They better be gone before there is much in the garden!

Something went wrong with Jane's pretty.

Always happy to see a fairly normal photo of Colin.

Jane being asked to please not climb so high.

There is some open grass so there was some freeze tag.

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  1. rusted sun said...
    Great photos of the tulips. I can't believe you are already in your third trimester.
    Julie said...
    Some people like tulips that grow in the park, but I like two lips that kiss in the dark!
    I just had to put that little ditty in! My grandma says this anytime anyone mentions anything about tulips! ha.
    Wow, Ann, you look fabulous!!! 3rd trimester looks good on you :)

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