Seattle Aquarium

We spent the last week in the Seattle area to visit Brian's family as travel in June is out with a trip to Poland and I will not be fit to travel July and August. Sadly, we got zero Stucki photos, even though several times we intended to get out the camera. Guess it is more fun to see and interact with family than take photos of them. We met my sister at the Seattle Aquarium and did take some photos there. To the delight of our children, my sister let her 8 year old skip school to play with us.

The kids were a little too shy to touch many things. Brian wondered if the touch pools were where the bad starfish had to go for punishment.

Cute cousins.

Colin adores his cousin Maggie. We stayed with them when Brian was working with Seattle Opera and Colin learned a lot about playing from her. I like this photo of him trying to do just what she is doing. She is nearly 3 years older but they still have a good time, I think because Colin loves to do anything she wants. I really hope they stay good friends.

I love the little hands.

Jane climbed up to this little pool where tides kept coming in. It surprised her every time.

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