Preschool Grad

Although it seems a bit much, Colin's preschool had an elaborate graduation program. He has had a very great teacher who works very hard, and Colin was SO excited! Jane loved the program too, actually sat pretty still and listened to all the songs. In the above photo he is doing his sign language solo.

I LOVE this photo! So preschool. Sometimes you need to put a shirt on your head, and who knows what Colin was doing.

Colin is the tallest in his class.

He got to keep his cap and gown, and loves his tassel!! He got very serious, must have felt the pressure of oncoming kindergarten.
He is such a sweet little guy!

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  1. Sarah M. said...
    That looks familiar. Jack graduated preschool too. Love the shirt over the head. What beautiful pics of temple square. Jane is looking so grown up and you hardly look preg. 3rd trimester already? Girl!! yahoo. your family has more girls than boys in it anyway doesn't it? Hey. I'm doing a giveaway at my bluesusan blog.. you should sign up for it.

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