Colin asked Santa for some Beyblade. 

Jane asked for a unicorn Dreamlight. 

Kate is generally happy with whatever, but one gift was the light up Mickey lightsaber.  I LOVE her bed head. 

And one Christmas surprise was that we get to go to Disneyland next month for a job with Daddy.  Brian has a well paying gig so it almost makes sense financially (hard to pay the money it takes to go!)   We will all go down a few days before he starts for some family fun, and then I will drive home alone with the kids.  Sounds like a dream, no?

Kate got this cute bear she loves.  She wrestles him, and one night when she got up to nurse, she saw him and needed a cuddle. 

She was funny when I put the bear on the bunny.  She showed him who is incharge. 

And below, general after math.  It has been SO great because no one so far this break has had a major illness!!!  We had total trama Christmas last year. I did just knock on wood to enure things continue well. 
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