I just liked the pumpkin Colin brought home from school.   I enjoy his use of black. 

And not the best quality, but Brian and I got new super fancy phones.  When I do not have a real camera (which is most of the time, 3 kids are hard enough) I try to get a few little cell phone photos.  Poor Kate, she will wonder why the photo quality went so downhill after she was born. 

Above, the newly decorated tree in late November. 

Kids and Brian at Temple Square.  We went to a fun Victoria Christmas Party at the Church History Museum that went along with a new exhibit they have on Victorian Children's Portraits. 

Zoo lights.  We had never been and it was fun, but don't need to do it every year.  The light tunnel was very great. 

Brian decorated the house. 

Rode the Jingle Bus downtown.  It was awesome. 

And below, our Mary and Joseph for our Posada.  It is a Mexican tradition where kids dress up and look for lodging.  We had our kids ask, "do you have room for Mary and Joseph?"  Neighbors are supposed to turn them down until you reach the appointed party house.  Some of our sweet neighbors could not turn our kids down, and one even offered Mary her own bed.  It was fun, we did some caroling with friends along the way.  We hope it becomes a tradition for us. 
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