We had an accidental trip to Sedona.  Brian thought he had a patron event in Sedona (2 hours from Phoenix, 4 from Tucson) so we booked a non-refundable hotel room.  About an hour after it was booked, Brian realized the event was just in Phoenix.  As we were not getting money back, I dropped him off at the event, played with the kids at McDonalds, then drove to Sedona late at night.  Sadly, Colin had a weird upset stomach thing, but he pulled through. 

Jane loved playing in the sand on our Sedona hike. 

Since Colin was not feeling good, he was back in the stroller, poor guy. 

Bell Rock.  We hoped it would re-set our energies. 

The kids had a great time stacking rocks. 

Jane always has a bag of some little collection she has to carry around. 
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