Happy 59th Israel

This Tuesday was Israel’s 59th Independence Day. They have had several observance days as they recently had the Holocaust Remembrance Day, and also Memorial Day. They have sounded the sirens several times for moments of silence (ironic, as the sirens are loud). Colin and I were out the other day on a walk when the sirens went off. I was very impressed by the show of patriotism. I knew everyone stopped for the sirens, but everyone driving stopped and got out of their cars, and everyone on the bus close to us stood up. I cannot imagine one of our large cities stopping like this. The sirens make such an eerie sound. The opera had informed Brian there would be several rounds of sirens and not to be alarmed. I probably would have been unsettled if I had not know what was going on.

To celebrate the Independence Day, we watched the closing mega-mix to some Israeli celebration spectacular on TV. We did not know what they were saying, but we assume it had something to do about the holiday. And we listened to distant fireworks from our apartment.

It has been nice because physically we do not stand out too much in Tel Aviv. (Most of my travels have involved more than 2 and a half years in Latin America, where I stand out terribly.) People keep asking Brian for directions in Hebrew and I was approached in Hebrew by some reporter on the street doing street interviews. When I said “English” we just smiled at each other and I kept walking. I have been asked if I am British and Swedish, but no one seems to assume American. I was asked for the first time if I was Jewish today and I felt so bad to say I am not. The man was very nice all the same and gave Colin a balloon. I see a lot of the same people on the street when I am out with Colin. I have talked to an older lady a couple of times, and when we ran into her in a very different part of the city, Brian was very surprised to hear her call our baby by his name. Colin is giving lots of kisses these days, loves to sit the wrong way in his stroller, and enjoys playing with the produce we get at the market. We love Israeli produce. It is cheap and very flavorful. The bell peppers are sweeter than any we have ever tasted, and great avocados at around 4 for a dollar.

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    The first picture of Colin is my favorite the one where he is in the white undershirt! I love that picture to death

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