Photos near the market

More of Carmel Market and the surrounding neighborhood.

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  1. Julie said...
    What beautiful pictures! Ann, you look do your boys :)
    I jumped over to your blog from a msg. you left on TL's. It is fun to see all of the adventures you are having with your little family! It looks like a wonderful place to live. A big part of me wishes I could give Michael Anne experiences like you are sharing with Colin. I miss my traveling days so it is extra fun to see yours here. I hope you have an enjoyable day.
    :) Julie
    april said...
    love the pix! those dresses are beautiful. i'll say it again: you make me wish i was there too. how fun to keep in touch through the blog.

    lily's b-day went well. her party is tomorrow. should be fun. i'll post about it all soon.

    take care.
    andi said...
    Hey, I know, your kid can marry my kid and we can be crazy travelling grandmas together.

    Good to see you guys at least on-line. You can find us at


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