Hummus, etc

Lucky for us, Colin is a baby who does not mind his diet to be based on garbanzo beans. He does really well eating hummus and takes bites of our falafel. We also got him some of his other favorites foods: black beans, soy beans, and yogurt. He is a bean-based boy. Brian and I are also enjoying some new foods, although we mainly just get food to go that fits in a pita and we usually only do this one meal a day. We live down the street from a great gelato place, and it is hard to not want gelato dinner.

I was embarrassed the other day because at most of the little kiosks we walk by, they have this round, donut-shaped bread for sale on poles. I thought to myself “what would that bagel-like bread be?” And as soon as I thought it, I realized it is bagels, real bagels. The American bagels threw me off. We have had some very excellent breads, mainly pitas. They put what we call pitas at home to much shame.

We went back to the large market in Tel Aviv yesterday afternoon and it was crazy because we went a couple hours before sundown on the beginning of the Sabbath. It was like shopping on Christmas Eve. I think the market is closed on Saturday, even though a lot of the vendors are non-Jewish. Rotten and bruised fruit that was being discarded kept getting caught in Colin’s stroller wheels and a couple times I got the gross water from cleaning that was on the street in my sandals. But we did find some great strawberries and some very delicious gummy candies. Anyway, it was crazy.
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  1. april said...
    i put hummus on the menu this week in honor of you guys (doesn't hurt that i love it too).
    jungleprincess said...
    Yeah, ever since I've tried homemade pitas and hummus at my in-laws' there's just no going back. I can't even bring myself to buy the stuff at the store. So I use D's grandma's delicious hummus recipe and we make pocket bread for special family feasts. The other day I ate at the Pita Pit and thought that the food at family feasts was much more delicious.

    Since you're so interested in beans, maybe you'll want my special lentils recipe? It's lentejas, Spanish-style, and they're really good.
    Anonymous said...
    The bagel story? Cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh!

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