The Franklin

Kristy lives next door to the Franklin Institute, which is always amazing. She is a member so we were able to have the kids run around a few exhibits for about a half hour inside. Jane was trying to throw herself into the water exhibit (she is covered in a blanket because she got her coat very wet), so 30 minutes was fine with me. I would like to spend more time there kid-free sometime.

One of our favorites at the Franklin is the huge model of the human heart. When we were there this summer Colin ran through it many, many times. The exhibit also introduced us to the TMBG's song "The Blood Mobile". With Colin's love of cars, thinking of the blood as little cars moving through the body is very exciting. It has been helpful to teach Colin about what foods are good for his bloodmobiles, and how too much sugar makes his bloodmobiles go crazy. We have even already had a talk about diabetes.

Central City Philly is their playground.

Kristy lives in the former Board of Education building from 1930. It is a great building with many, many beautiful details.

We were lucky to be in Philly on their first nice day of the year.

Colin and the older boys having a good run around.
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