Jane will probably be embarrassed someday by her bath time with 4 boys but for now, she just loves a bath. It is hard to believe that Kristy and I have made these five totally new little people. Next time Brian and I are expecting I want to make a shirt that says "I'm so crafty I make people".

After the mass bath time, we headed over to the Smith Memorial Playhouse, which is basically a mansion of toys with amazing playgrounds outside. The house was built to be a playhouse as a memorial and opened in 1899. It was amazing! I love old homes and there were fun things to do everywhere, and totally free! Another must for visiting Philly with young kids.

The basement was a trike track, complete with a traffic light. Colin (trike rider on the left) always dutifully waited for the green light.

Jane found another shopping cart. She had tantrum after tantrum when we had to move from one room to another. A nice man gave her a big handful of candy which quited her right down. Oh my.

Kristy's sweet one year old. James and Kristy make beautiful children.

Snack time at Smith. Kristy was always very on top of good snacks for kids.

Stairway detail, it really is a gorgeous house.

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