Please Touch

On my birthday, Kristy and I headed to the Philadelphia Children's Museum that is called Please Touch. I have been to a lot of kids museums across the country and out of the country and there is nothing like the Please Touch Museum. I would even love it without kids.

Not Colin's most photogenic moment, and Jane was struggling to get away from me, but cute enough.

Both Colin and Kristy's second son wore Superman pajamas, which was very helpful for quick spotting of the kids. Colin had such a great time with Kristy's kids and I hope this was just the beginning of life-long friendships. The first thing Colin did when we got home was to find and put on his own Superman shirt. He said he was ready to go back for more sleepovers.

It was brave of Kristy to have us all come, and it was so fun to catch up.

Kristy's cute baby playing with bees.

Jane robbing a bird's nest.

Jane is in a tricky stage where if she does not get her way, it is a major melt down. Here she is trying to take the little shopping cart out of the shopping area. She does not like me getting in the way of her fun. The melt downs can be pretty spectacular, especially since she can make her self nearly pass out when very upset. It is hard to be 21 months old.
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  1. SeƱora H-B said...
    What fun! I'm putting it on my "list of things to do whenever I visit certain cities".
    susan m hinckley said...
    And even harder to be the mother of said 21 month old. Thanks for inviting us on your field trip!

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