Seven Years

I still have many, many Philadelphia photos to post, but we realized today is the 7th anniversary of when Brian and I really started dating. Today was the first time we held hands and had a little kiss. I was in graduate school in SLC and Brian was in Chicago and on March 12 I left on an extended Spring Break to explore things with Brian. It is an easy date to remember in Utah because 7 years ago when my mom was driving me to the airport, the radio program was interrupted to announce that Elizabeth Smart had been found. A special thanks to Brian's brother Dan for telling Brian that he was probably in love with me, and thanks for Brian for realizing too. I need to write down the whole drawn out story, since it took 10 years. It is similar to When Harry Met Sally but with no pre-marital sex. Brian was recently entertained by going into my old email account and reading all the emails I got from friends when we started dating. We had a lot of amazed friends that something was finally happening with us.

To celebrate the 7 years, we had an alone date to Ikea in middle of the day, ate Ikea pizza and bought some of those yummy chocolate marshmallow things. Brian also took the kids so I could go shopping alone (one of my birthday wishes). I spent some good time at a favorite thrift store as discount shopping relaxes me. Happy 7 years Brian!
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  1. Mrs. M said...
    Hooray! It WAS amazing!
    The Wards said...
    I LOVE IT!!! I remember having some phone conversations with Brian regarding who did he really love...I am so glad he figured out the right one! Ann you are a very patient woman and if you weren't before that long 10 years, the certanily made you into one, and looking at your life now I think the Lord knew you needed to strengthen that ever evasive virtue! I am a Brian and Ann fan for sure...

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