Most of our sight seeing involves long walks with kids loaded in various configurations in the stroller or on Brian's back. Colin jumps in and out and loves just walking around. It is starting to get dark quite early, and possibly will snow this week.
Stroller action shot.

We walked down to the Chopin monument in Lazienki Park. On this night we were there when the park was closing soon so we did not make it very far into the park. We went back yeterday and will post more photos later. We loved it.

More great night photos from Brian. The naked rear ends bring me back to our Mexico days. . .

Slightly off subject but having to do with not much clothing, we went to a restaurant last night that was recommended by our guidebook as family friendly (and they did have a baby chair, room for us to not fold up the stroller and a kids menu). However the waitresses did not have much to wear. I think we went to Polish Hooters. At the end of the meal when our waitress came by, Colin told me she did not have pants on, only underwear. Pretty good food though, we were hungry.

The Stazic Palace, something to do with science.

Warsaw University
Jane woke up, no more blogging.

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  1. The Wards said...
    Go to sleep Jane!!! I love the Hooters story.
    Jeanie Hinckley Rennie said...
    The Polish Hooters? I can only imagine. That's pretty funny. As ever, I'm enjoying your posts. One of these days when you're somewhere really cool I'll come and visit. How is the pottery quest coming along?
    Brandon and Becca said...
    You probably want to avoid that restaurant in the Summer. I imagine that in warm weather the clothes (or lack thereof) get a little more revealing.
    Ann said...
    I do not think warm weather could make them wear less clothing, and our waitress had the least clothing of all the waitresses. We won't be here in any warm weather, but maybe the cold weather will get them to put some pants on and an entire shirt.
    Ann said...
    Sad though, it was kid friendly, and good food. Our guidebook sad they even sometimes have playlands for the kids in this restaurant chain. Maybe it is just because we are near the University?

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