Warsaw at night

Brian had the night off yesterday, so we took the kids for a long walk/dinner in the Old City. We ended up in a lovely restaurant that wasn't super ideal for kids- lace tablecloth for Jane to pull on, no child seat, candlesticks, etc. Colin had just acquired a beautiful multi-colored light saber from a street vendor which strobes in a seizure causing manner (I couldn't believe how bright it was in the dimly lit dining room) and he was very reluctant to let it rest during dinner. But the food was great. On the way home, we saw the full moon rising, so Brian came back out after the kids were in bed to get some night shots.
Above is the Great Theatre (Teatr Wielki) where the opera will take place, and where we are living. It is a HUGE structure with a dramatic history. During WWII, it was bombed to a shell and became a site of insurgency fighting during the Warsaw Uprising. We're pretty sure it's haunted. Brian swears he did hear some very eery singing in the hall one night at around 2 am when one of the kids had woken up. It's pretty crazy to contemplate the things that happened here not that long ago.


I like how Zygmunt is about to lance the moon flare.


Two Starbucks on one block is pretty common these days, but these two churches are a bit more impressive.

The square is very romantic, maybe we can return without kids sometime. Childcare is always a very complicated proposition on these foreign trips.

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  1. Julie said...
    It looks like a beautiful place to be. Love the night time pictures.

    Have you read the book "The Zookeeper's Wife?" It is about a family in Warsaw during WWII & how they coped & helped many survive the war while living in the Warsaw zoo. Very interesting & inspiring (or depressing I guess)!

    Have fun.
    Persianlass said...
    looks gorgeous! my bro in law served his mission there. keep the photos coming!
    Vic said...
    I loved looking through the Warsaw pics! Thanks so much, guys. I can't believe how old Jane is now! What a sweetie (melting taking place); Love your blog, guys, felt a good reconnect and a centering I needed- I'm kind of afraid for you guys staying in the haunted palace thing, though! Liked the old man playing accordian... Hope the opera goes really well, Brian -

    Miss you all - love Vic

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