Photos from the castle

Here is the gate to Wilanow, where many of the other recent photos have come from. It really was a beautiful day, it has been gray and rainy ever since.

Richard and Asia were our tour guides. It was very fun to meet up with them and amazing to have people who could communicate with other people in Polish and read signs. We exist so simply on our 5 word Polish vocab.

I got one shot inside the castle before a very grumpy lady told me not to take photos. She was really quite rude about it and said there was a sign posted when we came in (which was a very small sign, easy to over-look when you have two kids). At first I thought she was going to follow us all through to make sure I did not take any photos. What I really wanted to do was take a photo of her as she was a piece of work. All through France we could take photos in galleries without flash, and I think even Versailles allowed flash photos. Come on grumpy lady! We got lots of glares with our kids in the castle from other workers and only one lady smiled at us.

There are many other photos I will have Brian post because he took most of them. And Jane is up. She likes to see and touch the computer a little too much.
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  1. Julie said...
    Too bad about the grumpy old lady! Is the worry that the flash may ruin the paintings?

    By the way, your children are very beautiful :) Very cute photos in the previous 2 posts.
    Nuttall said...
    Wow, Wilanów is right next door to this convent that used to house the American School of Warsaw, my HS Alma Mater. That takes me back...
    I graduated from there with a class of 15 kids...good times.
    MamaLuke said...
    I love the flights of stairs photo so much, I want to hang it in my house! What's your charge for such things? Much love to you guys. Your experience sounds amazing!

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