Day Tripper

We took a day trip today, to Lowicz (pronounced Whoa-vitch) which is located an hour by train outside of Warsaw. Brian has had all week off, and although we had hoped to travel to England to see the Wards and other friends, sadly, it just was not the time. As it turned out with Colin being sick at the start of the week, a big trip would have been a bad idea. Until today we have just been hanging out in Warsaw. We wanted to try and get a couple day trips in, but most of the places we wanted to travel are about 3 hours away and too long for a day trip with kids. I used to do a lot of day tripping in England, but oh my, things change with a 1 and 3 year old. Colin's day started out kind of rough, and when both kids were crying at the train station upon our arrival, I wondered how things would go. We ended up having a fun time just wandering around. The coal smell brought Brian back to Wales and kind of gave me a head ache. I am quite sure we were the only American tourists around for miles, which I quite like. I spent a lot of time in non-tourist areas of Central American and I somewhat enjoyed people looking at me with the expression of "why are you here?" We met a nice young man on the train coming home and he was also wondering a bit what we were doing in this town.

Can you tell we doctored the photo above so we could see what things would look like with a blue sky? Still gray today but not raining.

We liked this street. Really all we did was walk around, went in one church that Colin did not like because there were no lights on. He said in a whispered voice "This church is too spooky." Then we walked more, bought some cute new boots for Jane, ate kebabs and headed back to the train. It was nice to do something totally different and a nice trial run on the trains. We go to Krakow next week with Sue Anne. (Yay!)

Colin was saying "click" like the camera. Oh that boy! He gave us fits all through bedtime tonight I think from being over-tired.

Since All Saints Day when my hat made me look like a cone head, I have purchased two new hats of which I am very fond.
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  1. Doug said...
    We are so jealous of all of your travels!
    The Stucki's said...
    LOVE the hat!
    The Stucki's said...
    LOVE the hat!
    The Stucki's said...
    Brian & Ann.... I am an infrequent blog commenter and it took me a while to figure out the process. I thought my comments were getting lost and finally figured out they are awaiting your approval. Sorry for the repeats. Julianna

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