Our very nice friends from Church who work for the Embassy invited us with their kids to trick or treat. There is a neighborhood where lots of Embassy folks live that observes an American style Halloween. Colin loved running around with the kids. Really, how can a kid not love trick or treating? Jane was not quite into yet but was happy to have some run around time out of the stroller.
We love Colin in both these pictures: His maniacal smile, his arm in the candy bag in the first shot, and unwrapping some loot in the second one.

On our way home, since we had not really eaten dinner and were starting to get Halloween gut rot, we got off the metro a couple of stops early to get some awesome kebabs. For Colin we have called the above building the Halloween Tower. Actually called The Palace of Culture, it was given as a "gift" to Warsaw from Stalin. It is also know as Stalin's Male Private Part (this is a family blog, so even though the word I should really use is an actual anatomy word, I'm trying to keep it clean). The building is a little creepy. I would expect to see Batman flying around it.

This is the park right by the opera house (where we posted the sunny morning photos the other day.) It was lovely to see it in the dark. Not too hard to see things in the dark these days with the 3:45 pm sun set.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is part of a palace ruined in WWII. It has been interesting teaching our 3 year old about WWII, and a little intense. We get asked lots of questions since we are in the never ending why stage. Colin's brain has concluded from our discussions about what happened in Warsaw that Heavenly Father has put Hitler in a VERY long time out for hitting and spitting (Colin's #1 and #2 reasons for time outs). It is also a good chance to talk about how we need to be nice to everyone and how wars really hurt people and make us sad.
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  1. Mrs. M said...
    I'm loving the pictures and the commentary, Ann. How long do you get to stay in Poland?

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