We neglected Skipper until our last evening in Warsaw. Skipper has made it to Poland.

On our last day we made one more shopping trip to buy some candy to bring home. Interesting use of the Star of David for Christmas.

We have so many photos from our last week but our computer has been conspiring against me to post them. Sue Anne did a couple great posts on her blog I will have to keep trying later as tonight is not working for me.

We made it home on Tuesday after 14+ hours on 3 airplanes and 7+ hours of lay-overs. It was a mighty journey and our kids really did great. We are struggling with jet-lag. The kids are waking up a lot at night but slowly we hope to get some sleep. As sleep deprived as Brian and I have been we are doing surprisingly well. We are so happy to be home, although briefly. We are home until the second week in January when we leave for Denver and more Barber of Seville!
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  1. rusted sun said...
    I'm so happy that Shipper made it to Poland. Where will Skipper show up next? I think you need to make a blurb book just for skipper.
    Brandon and Becca said...
    GO SKIPPER! WOOHOO! That is probably my favorite blog tradition ever.
    I too find the star of David on the Christmas tree interesting. Especially as I was just considering today why Christianity doesn't celebrate more Jewish holidays. I mean, wasn't Christ Jewish? I imagine Joseph and Mary celebrated the Festival of Lights. Oi! I need to get me some Latkes and a Dreidel.

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