Today is Independence Day and it is the worst weather all week. We stopped by the tourist info place yesterday to get an idea about the parade and other activities. As we love parades, I was really excited to see some cool military show, so we ventured out to see the celebrations. Colin stayed in the stroller under the rain cover the whole time and it was raining heavy enough to totally saturate my jackets and feet. We actually got the wrong information pertaining to the parade route. We stood outside for a long time for nothing. There was a big skin head meeting in the main square of Old Town and tons of police in full riot gear. We thought it best to move on from there. Brian commented about how brave you must be to be pro-Hitler in Warsaw, "brave" and totally idiotic. We have heard there is a pretty big white power movement here, which makes me sick.

We did get some nice hot chocolate, bought some candy, and as formentioned, got wet. Brian assured me that whatever governing body assigns points for Polish patriotism would give us full marks for our efforts.

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