A Zoo of our own

Yesterday we spent Brian's day off at the Warsaw Zoo. It was a beautiful sunny day, but cold- probably just above freezing. The zoo seems pretty unpopular with Varsovites in the winter. Including workers, we probably saw just over a dozen other people there. It was fun to just have a private zoo day. The cold was no big deal, since most of the animals were in their indoor habitats anyway. The Zoo here has some great exhibits, and the newer habitats are especially nice. This chimp was using the stick to retreive something tasty from holes in the rock he was sitting on (ants? honey? We're not sure).

Several friends have recommended 'The Zookeeper's Wife', as it is apparently about the Warsaw Zoo. We'll have to pick it up.

The Zoo closes at 5:00, but most of the habitats are lit with natural light, and it is dark for real shortly after 4:00. Here's Colin heading for the exit. I squatted down to take his picture, and he did the same.

Colin has become a very dedicated kicker of leaves. There is no shortage here. I like that the leaves seem to get left on the ground for a while. Brian and I were talking about how you could go a whole Autumn at BYU without ever seeing a leaf on the grass (thanks to the assiduous efforts of the grounds crew). I actually saw them sucking leaves off the branches of trees once. Die nature! Die!!
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  1. Sarah M. said...
    Wow Ann how fun to find your blog again, globetrotting as usual I see. Your kids are so cute, That little Jane in your facebook pic is adorable. At your mention of BYU grounds crew it suddenly took me back and I was waiting for you to blame Gretchen for a leafless fall.
    Julie said...
    That would be fun to have the zoo to yourselves! Right now I'm just trying to get my own "zoo" cleaned up :)
    That's crazy that it is dark by 4pm.
    Anonymous said...
    No pressure or anything Ann, but your blog is part of my morning routine. I look forward to your gorgeous photos and watching the kiddos growing up.

    True true about the BYU grounds crew. I love the mess leaves make.

    Liz Nelson

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